Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Starting a discussion


There have been to many stories written that offend a lot of people. Colleges have been tougher on offensive papers. Most of the offensive papers have been racist against black people. These stories have been written as "comedy" but they have gone to far. You can write a comedy and not be racist or sexist, you can write it and not offend people. Where do you draw the line when writing something that could offend people? What kind of things should be common sense to keep out of a paper that could offend people, or should writers just be able to write what they want? These stories can and should be written but need to be careful about how they word some things. There are things that people can take offense to, so maybe there is a better way to word what you are trying to say. There is almost always going to be someone that is going to be offended by anything you say even if you say it in the nicest way you can. You cant always please everyone but you want to try your best to keep as many people happy as you can.

Some collage campuses have multiple disciplinary cases and there are others that don't have any. Are some campuses to hard on their students or are others just to easy or to lazy? Should all campuses give students warning before them getting in trouble? College students do know what they are doing when they are doing something wrong but they should at least get a warning before getting in trouble, I think. Are colleges harder on drugs or alcohol? Kids are always going to do dumb things no matter what you say to them so you should at least give them a warning after doing something bad and then tell them what is going to happen next time they do that so they dont have any excuses. If kids are drinking in their dorm room and they are not planning on going out and driving or going places then they should just get a warning but if they are going out driving out going out then they should get a bigger punishment.

How should these types of papers be written?
Should colleges be more strict on drugs and drinking?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Media Ownership

I think print media gives people news without having to wait for the news on the TV to come on. The print gives people more of a hands on type of news source. People are able to look back at what they heard easier rather than if they were to watch it on TV. The danger of only looking at things that interest you is that when you look at only things that you like, you become limited to knowing what is going on around you. If you only look at sad things on the news then that is going to make you think more sad things and more of a sad person rather than if you were to look at all happy things then that will make you think more positively and be more of a happy person in general. You should be looking at more things on the news and not just things that interest you so you can know more about the things that are going on around you and be more aware of things happening. Instead of subscribing to newspapers and magazines when I am out of college I will probably just get my news from either the computer, TV, or my phone just because it seems to be easier to get the news quickly. Reading the news more often will help you be able to understand what you are reading better when you do read things, rather than just reading things and only getting bits and pieces of what you read. If you watch the news on TV you will get the news but then if you have to read it you might not understand it quite as well. I think the job of the reader is to understand what you are reading and to know what is going on around you so you know what you need to look out for if there is something to look out for. The reader should also help spread the news that they read to help others know what is going on around them. I think to get more people to read newspapers we should put them in color and only put what people are interested in and the important stuff going on in the community around them. We should have a picture in color for almost all the important news stories so it can draw attention to it and just a few small pictures for all of the other "interesting" stories. News papers should be affordable for all people that want one so everyone can get the news they need. I think that more people should be reading the news papers because then they can get the important news about things going on around them.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Satire gives you news but in a sarcastic, joking way. Satire makes the news more interesting I think. It helps people that want to watch the news watch it. Satire could make some people upset because they might not understand that they are joking and they are not being serious. Not all news stations can do satire because they are more serious and just give out the news. There are a lot of people that do not understand sarcasm and they get offended really easy. Because so many people get offended easy with sarcasm not many news stations are able to use satire so they have to be serious for most of the stories they tell. I think that more people should understand sarcasm better so then the news people can have more fun with their job, not that they already do not have fun with their job but it would be cool to have them joke around about some things. There will also be things that they will not be able to joke around about because it is a serious subject but there will also be a good amount of stories that they would be able to joke around about. Just because people joke around about things does not mean that they do not care about it, for some people joking around helps them get through tough times but that offends some others that do not like to joke about things that are hard to get through. Everyone grieves in a different way whether its joking around or blocking people out or talking to others about it to get advice. People should not get mad or upset with others that joke around about tough times because maybe that is just they way that helps them get though the hard time. In the end I think that satire is cool and more people should be able to do it and not make a lot of other people upset with them. I never knew about satire until this class and i think that it is very cool to watch, it makes the news more interesting.

Monday, April 18, 2016

What does your news say about you?

I think taking 10 days to look at a news source that we usually don't is a good idea because it gets you more connected with the things going on around you. The point of news and having these sources is to inform people about what is going on around them. News is very important because if we didn't have news then nobody would know anything or if they should be looking out for someone or not to go certain places. I am interested in the news when it is about things that are going on around me locally. I would like to look at the news more often or watch the news instead of always hearing it from other people. I think people should look at reliable sources for news like Fox News, Kare 11 or other places like those. News can be depressing because they are telling important stories that have happened around you or around the world. If you follow a specific news source then you will be getting the same amount of news consistently instead of going to a bunch of different places and not knowing what you are going to hear about. There is close to half and half of entertaining news and important news. There was not much entertaining news on my source, there was more important news stories instead. The person telling the story or getting the story is the one that defines news for me. I think you are better off if you are getting news often because you will know what has happened lately and if you should be looking out for something or someone. There are so many news sources because they all cover different things, a lot of them have some of the same stories but they also have a lot of different ones too. News can change while you are looking at it. The one that is the most often changed while you are looking at it is the weather because the wind might have changed so that could effect the over all weather for the day or possibly week. News makes me feel more in touch with the things going on around me and it makes me more comfortable. Knowing what is going on around me will definitely benefit me, it will tell me what I need to know and why I need to know it. I can give others a heads up for what they should be looking for or what to expect for weather or just any news in general. I think we like hearing things that are not any of our business because we like knowing whats going on around us and we like hearing stories whether they are happy or sad.

Friday, April 8, 2016

A Good Story

Shannon, the mother of Samantha, explains the first month of when her 2 year old daughter got cancer.
Tuesday November 5th Samantha went shopping with her dad to get a gift for her new baby sister. Her dad said she slept in the stroller. When she came home to visit me and her new baby sister she had a low grade fever. The past week she had been sleepy, pale and low appetite. I called her pediatrician and she was able to see Samantha that evening, Dad brought Samantha and a chest x-ray and blood counts were done. Her blood counts came back abnormal and dad was advised for her to go to Mpls Children's hospital for further testing and possibly check her bone marrow for leukemia. Meanwhile I was at the Unity hospital with Samantha's baby sister. Samantha and dad came to tell me the news. My heart sank and my body felt numb. The first thing on November 6th Samantha's bone marrow was checked and spinal tap was performed and a ultra sound of her heart. All was fine except her bone marrow was positive for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia- also known as ALL. The pediatric oncologist explained everything about ALL thoroughly to dad and did so again to me when I came back. Samantha's oncologist said this type of childhood leukemia is very treatable. He also said girls are easier to treat because the leukemia has fewer areas in the body to travel to unlike boys, also Samantha is at a young age, the leukemia is combined to your bone marrow and not your spinal fluid, she doesn't have the extra chromosome like some do and her initial white blood count was low. She will go through 2 years of chemo treatment. This is standard ALL girl treatment. Boys have 3 years of chemo because of more areas for the cells to hide. The oncologist was very honest and upfront and optimistic. He stated "I expect to get an invitation to her graduation and wedding." Researchers are still studying how and what causes leukemia. There is no way of knowing when she got leukemia. Some of the symptoms of leukemia are fatigue, pale, low appetite, limping, bruising, swollen glands and fever. Samantha started showing fatigue, pale, fever and low appetite in August 2002. She was seen at Children's hospital in August for 3 days because of 102-103 degree temp for 9 days. Several blood tests and scans were taken, but nothing indicated cancer. In November dad and Maranda went to pick up me and the new baby from the hospital. Grandma stayed with Samantha. Samantha spent 7 days on the 8th floor which is the Hematology/ Oncology unit. Dad, baby sister and I spent the entire time with Samantha. Big sister Maranda stayed 1 night and visited often. On Novemeber 7th Samantha had surgery to put a port-a-cath in which is located on her left upper chest area. The port was connected to one of her main arteries that goes to her heart. The port allows access to vein at all times so blood can be drawn and chemo can be given. The port is about the size of a quarter with a silicone top placed beneath her skin and was removed after chemo is done. Before her port was accessed Dad or I put Elma cream on the the port site to numb the area. Very early in the morning in November she started chemo. The seven days she spent in the hospital involved blood draws everyday, blood transfusion 2 days, vitals and education for dad and I.
This was a very emotional time for our family but she survived and we couldn't be more happy to have our whole family healthy again says Shannon.


What I like about journalism is that it gives you a way to give out news to others and some what express yourself in words. I think that we definitely need journalism in the world because if we didn't then nobody would be getting the correct news stories and people would just be gossiping and spreading whatever they heard from one person to another. Journalism is a part of everybody's life whether they like it or not. Watching the news is a form of journalism and hearing news from other family or friends is also a form of journalism. Journalism seems to always be getting easier to know about. There are always new ways for people to get their news. There have been more apps having to do with news and journalism related things rather than just newspaper or the news on tv. If we just kept it to the newspaper and the news on tv then less people would be getting the news. Less people would know about even the local news. Not many people would hear about the news around the world unless they heard if from a family or friend that watches the news or listens to the radio.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Journalism in the future

1. What I understand about newspapers now is that some people still rely on them to get their news but not very many. Newspapers will be gone soon and people in the future will not know what a newspaper is.
2. The good news about the present state of news is that there is more hands on types of news, like newspapers than there will be in the future. The good news about news in the future is that the news will be more realistic then it is now. 
3. Successful outlets have interesting stories and give the news in an interesting way. They also have their pages set up in a way that make people want to read the article.
4. The job of a reporter is getting harder because people don't want to tell others about personal things and they feel attacked when journalists ask a bunch of questions. In the future journalists wont be able to get stories very easy because less and less people will want to give them stories or their point of view.
5. Getting enough stories that will interest people and setting the paper up in a way that makes people want to read it.
6. Less people will want to buy a newspaper when they can get it on their phones instead for cheaper or for free. 
7. The want for things to be easier and faster to get to. People will like having news on their phones in an app rather than in the newspaper. 
8. I think the future of news will be more realistic and their will not be newspapers any more, people will watch less news on the TV and they will have an app they can be looking at instead.

I learned that these ideas could actually happen in the near future. I think we could have put more pictures in our slides to show what it would look like but I think we did good with explaining what it would have on the app and how you would use it. If I did it again I would put more pictures.This can be put into any other presentations in the future about how journalism has improved or things that will be happening soon.